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We Have the Facts 

I’m certainly not naive enough to believe that everyone who has viewed this blog casually or otherwise has undergone some great epiphany concerning their consumption of meat, poultry and dairy. Still, at the very least, I hope you are making better and healthier choices in the grocery store and while eating out.

There is no simple transition, no giving up meat in a day and suddenly knowing where to buy and how to cook the alternatives. When the news broke about Mad Cow disease it was easy enough for me to stop eating beef. When I though I was getting ulcers at the age of 18 or needing my appendix out because of intense stomach pains after eating meals with chicken giving up poultry was next. I was then a Pescetarian (abstaining from all animal flesh with the exception of fish) for a few years and only ate fish because let’s face it Salmon with lemon butter sauce is delicious. Then when the mere sight of Ahi Tuna made me sick to my stomach after considering how the fish are raised and treated I gave up fish soon there after.

My mother is Vegan about 90% of the time and my sister recently said that she’d really like to give Vegetarianism a try after years of eating that way out of convince sake anyways. I can also boast my conversion of a few good friends to vegetarianism over the years who have even schooled me from time to time as far as cooking vegetarian is concerned. While I do not believe that all health issues are genetically linked I’d rather not get breast cancer (killed my maternal great-aunt), skin cancer (paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother), bone cancer that metastasized (killed my paternal grandfather), hypertension (mother), diabetes (mother, maternal grandmother) and so on and I know that choices in diet and health now will greatly reduce my risk of these health issues in the future.

Easily one of the most common carnivorous comebacks I come across when I mention health as it’s related to diet is “Well you have to die from something someday.” While this is true and it’s possible that meat eaters may even out live vegans/ vegetarians in some cases I’d prefer to not only live long but to have a high quality of life that doesn’t rob me of my ability to be physically active and cognitively aware well into my eighties.

Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

This blog’s namesake comes from the same name of a song by the British band the Editors called Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool. Now there are obvious allusions to the New World Order and Bohemian Grove among other things but this isn’t that kind of blog and I was more inspired by the line “Don’t put a price on your health”. However, you can but a price on what you may spend at the grocery store and non-GMO and all natural products may increase your already tight budget. compares how the United States health costs compare to those of other developed countries. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) points out that this is 17.6 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product at about $8,233 per person in 2010 compared to the $3,268 on average that was spent by the other 33 OECD countries. The “bright side”, as this article puts it, is that as the United States falls behind other countries in life expectancy and physicians per person we “lead the world in health care research and cancer treatment.” Still this is hardly a bright side when this is only the case because of how unhealthy we are as a nation.

Spending obscene amounts of money on medication and procedures is not all together avoidable but the decisions concerning health that you make presently can greatly reduce your risk for many health problems in the future.

HappyCow the healthy eating guide


I’d like to think I’ve given you at least nine good reasons to be a vegetarian/ vegan over the last few months and I’d like to refer you to Meatless Musings for a few more. There are health fads that are introduced on programs like Dr. Oz and those who give up meat when it’s socially advantageous but this is no ordinary -ism. The transition to a plant based diet is not an easy one and relapses have been known to occur but should you decide to take the leap the environment and your body will thank you.